Rembrandt Schenke

The Rembrandt Schenke – A Training Center The word “Schenke” in German language means that there is a place where you get something to drink. The Rembrandt Schenke shall be a place where people who are thirsty will get living water.

John  4, 10: Jesus answered her, If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks  you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living  water.

For a long time, God placed a desire into the heart of Watson Kluttz, who founded “Eurochrist”, to get a building in the beautiful, picturesque City of Bad Berneck, Germany, that could be used as a training center for young people who wanted to extend the christian faith in the world, and as a multipurpose building for

  • marriage and family enrichment retreats
  • training Seminars for local church workers, marital and pre-marital relationships, raising children, emotional stability, leadership and conflict management
  • other Activities – retreats for recuperation for missionaries and pastors
  • giving practical help

Our goal is helping others to create their future in a positive way

In 2006, through a large donation, Eurochrist e.V., a non-profit organization, was able to buy the “Rembrandt Schenke”, a former restaurant/ bar that had rooms for rent. The “Rembrandt Schenke” needed a complete overhaul, however, from plumbing and heating to electrical service, walls, ceilings, floors and fixtures. The government of Germany required a lot of modifications, additional parking places for which land had to be purchased, adherence to fire regulations, etc., before a use permit could be issued. Through additional donations, teams from the U.S., and volunteers from Germany, Eurochrist e.V. was able to do a lot of the work required. So far, a use permit could not yet be obtained but it shouldn´t take much longer, with God´s help. Presently we are at the following stage: Ground Floor: Finished! A large meeting room (comprised of 3 rooms) is completely finished with a granite tile floor (laid by a volunteer), heat, and furniture that was donated. An industrial kitchen is also installed and usable. A ladies´ bathroom and the men´s bathroom are completely finished. The hallway is already painted and tile floor is already laid in the hallway. 2st Floor: Finished!

  • 2 fire-resistant doors are already installed in the hallway (fire regulations)
  • Main seminar room -is finished.
  • Attached office room – toilet and a shower is already installed.New floors are laid and walls and ceiling painted.
  • Hallway is painted and new floor is laid.
  • 1 Toilet and 2 bathrooms are installed. Plumbing is done.
  • 2 Bedrooms are painted and floors are laid.
  • Livingroom is already painted and new flooring installed.
  • Utility room has plumbing installed, ceiling is dropped, and walls and floor painted and tiled.

3nd Floor:

  • Two firewalls in hallway are built and two fire-resistant doors (fire regulations) are installed
  • Heat, plumbing and electrial needs to be installed on the whole floor.
  • 5 dormitory rooms and 5 baths are planned for this level. They will be renovated as the need arises. Two additional windows are already installed.
  • The stairs to the attic need to be replaced.


  • Stucco is repaired and the building is painted.
  • The parking lot needs to be leveled and made usable.

A lot of work is being done on a volunteer basis by German and American teams. There is still much to do and we still need donations for this project but we are encouraged and thankful to God and all the people he recruited to help us. First goal: One of our first goals is now fulfilled: To renovate the 1st and 2nd floor of the Rembrandt-Schenke, which is the building that will host the Training Center Eurochrist e.V.. Plans for the future:

  • A bi-lingual full-time Bible-oriented training center with internships

We need to renovate the 3rd floor in order to start the internship programm. The following sculpture is made in the 17th century by Elias Räntz, a famous stonemason of his time. It says SALVATOR MUNDI, which means: Jesus Christ – Saviour of the World Events in the last yearsSalvatorMundi

  • January 2008 –  Team Christian Life Worship Center and Brian Chu – worked at the Rembrandt Schenke and ministered at a conference at Christian Center Hof.
  • Esra Bible College October 25, 2008 –  with guest speaker Andy Clark, VA, USA. World Horizons – Reaching our World through Mission
  • Esra Bible College  May 9, 2009 –  with guest speaker Pastor Steve Stells, Chesterfield (Richmond) VA, USA. Topic – The Principles of Emotionally Healthy Leadership.
  • June 24, 2009  – Team of 9 from Victory Christian Fellowship, Goochland VA arrives with Pastor Mike Hennigan and will minister and work until July 2.
  • April 2010 – Team Interns Atlanta City Church and Christian Life Worship Center and a Church from Canada worked at the Rembrandt Schenke and ministered at Immersed I – Youth Conference
  • June 2010 – Team Brenda & Phyllis of Victory Christian Fellowship, Goochland, VA worked at the Rembrandt Schenke and minister at a Womens Conference and in different house groups.
  • June 2011 -Team Christian Life Worship Center and Atlanta City Church worked  at the Rembrandt Schenke and ministered at Immersed II – Yout Conference.
  • April 2012 – Team Christian Life Worship Center worked at the Rembrandt Schenke and ministered at the Ladies´ Conference
  • Mai 2012 – Team Victory Christian Fellowship Goochland worked at the Rembrandt Schenke and ministered at the Esra-Bibel-College, at the Womens´ Breakfast and at the Youth Meeting.
  • September 2012 till May 2013  – People from Christian Center Hof were working hard at the Rembrandt Schenke.
  • May 2013 – Team from Victory Christian Fellowship were cleaning and painting and more. Leadership Meeting with Barbecue.
  • September 20113 – Dedication of the Building with Greg and Shirley Carpenter, Lloyd and Sharon Passey and others.

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