About Us

EuroChrist Ministries Inc., formerly Germany for Christ, was established in 1995, by Watson and Erika Kluttz, who were sent to Germany in 1988 by their local church, The House of Prayer, Chesterfield, VA 23832.  W&E

EuroChrist Ministries Inc.
(formerly Germany for Christ)

Kirchenring 6,
95460 Bad Berneck,  Germany

Tel. 011 (49) 9273 57362
Fax 011 (49) 9273 574558
E-mail: [email protected]

Our Purpose
To work on an international basis to help people find a better quality of life through getting to know Jesus Christ in practical, Bible-centered ways.

The Journey

From 1988-1991
Ministry in Refugee Housing Area, Hof, Germany
Conducting Sunday Evening Services in English.
Personal relationships with foreigners. Helping foreigners become integrated into German society. Many people became Christians during this time. Some of them are still in contact with Eurochrist Ministries Inc.

1991 to present
Established the “Christian Center Hof,” Germany
Instrumental in starting several churches in Germany
Promote and support missions work in Northern Albania
Support churches in Romania and Poland

Established Germany for Christ, now EuroChrist Ministries

2000 to present
Established Esra Bible College

Permanent Building for our Ministry
In 2006, through a generous donation, we were able to purchase a building for permanent housing of our ministry. The building used to house a reputable restaurant and bed and breakfast.

Since it had not been inhabited for years, it needed major renovations, some of which have already been started. We found out, we needed a building permit, had to adhere to Landmark Protection, and create five parking places; however, we didn’t even have one.

In December 07, the purchase of land from three different landowners was finalized. We now have enough land for the required parking spaces; and what’s even more of a miracle – we got enough donations to pay for the land and to start having a new heating system installed on the ground floor of three levels.

A lot of work is being done on a volunteer basis by German and American teams. There is still much to do and we still need donations for this project but we are encouraged and thankful to God and all the people he recruited to help us.

Plans for the Future

  • A bi-lingual full-time Bible-oriented training center with internships
  • Training Seminars for local church workers, marital and pre-marital relationships, raising children, emotional stability, leadership and conflict management
  • Other Activities-marriage enrichment retreats, gospel music events, retreats for recuperation for missionaries and pastors

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