The Training Center

The Training Center  – skill oriented training in order…

  • to minister in the local church
  • to facilitate responsible team leadership
  • to work with refugees

Our Vision is according to Ephesians 4,12

to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up

Present Status Since 2000, the Esra Bible School has met one Saturday a month with lunch and coffee breaks; average registration about 40 to 45 students per semester. The focal points of our school have been on

  • Leadership – Training people to become better leaders in their families, their businesses and work places, and their local churches;
  • Counseling – Helping people to get free from bad habit patterns of their past, and training them to counsel others.
  • Developping the gifts God has given to the believers in order to reach the people.

Events After the summer break we´ll start our monthly seminars again. Click here to see our calendar!

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