We appreciate your interest in EuroChrist Ministries. On our site you can learn more about who we are, see some pictures of things going on in the ministry, and learn about the progress on the Rembrandt Schenke, a former restaurant named “Stadt Bayreuth”. Many thanks to all the people who have helped us with the finances or labor of our building renovation in the last years! Without your support, we would not be able to do what the Lord has laid upon our hearts. Feel free to check out some of the recent pictures of our progress.

Update Renovation August 2013

The last year people from Christliches Centrum Hof and other parts of Germany helped getting the 1st and 2nd floor done, also getting the outside of the building painted. The Rembrandt-Schenke has a totally new look. We are so thankful!!

Update Renovation Mai 2013

Pastor Mike Hennigan (Victory Christian Fellowship) with his team were a great blessing and encouragement to all of us. They worked hard at the Rembrandt Schenke and they ministered to the people at the Christian Center Hof with prayer, preaching and great fellowship. Thank you!!!

Update Renovation Mai 2012

The Team of “Victory Christian Fellowship” helped us painting and cleaning and much more. They also were ministering to the church in Hof at the Ladies Breakfast Meeting, at the Youth Meeting and through the Esra-Bibel-College.

Thank you! You were great!

Update Renovation April 2012

The team of Christian Life Worship Center was amazing! On the 2nd floor the men were able to help with framing bathrooms and drop ceilings then hanging and partially finishing the associated drywall. The whole room which is going to be the class room is painted by the women. After that the men layed the floor. We´ve also had an amazing Women´s Conference, women were encouraged and touched by the Holy Spirit.  Thank you team!!! You were wonderful!

Pics Rembrandt-Schenke Outside

hinten Rembrandt-Schenke2  Rembrandt-Schenke 2013-09-27 12.06.45  Rembrandt-Schenke1Rembrandt-SchenkeSkulptur

Pics Renovation

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Update Renovation June 2011

Team from Christian Life Worship Center/ VA/ U.S.A. – Juni 11.-22.  2011

This is a report for Rembrandt Schenke improvements

Many hands made light work of needed repairs at the Rembrandt Schenke in Bad Berneck in June of 2011.

A team of 16 carpenters, contractors, and other laborers came from the Christian Life Worship Center in Chester, VA to do the work.

As a result, the soon to be completed building now has a moisture barrier, insulation and new fire blocking drywall hung on it’s 3rd floor ceiling.

On the 2nd floor, the group was able to help with framing bathrooms and drop ceilings, then hanging and partially finishing the associated drywall.

Basic clean up and rearranging was done in some of the rooms.

The group was very blessed to have been a part of the ministry effort of Eurochrist ministries and is looking forward to returning as soon as possible.

Report by Scott Ellis (Missions Coordinator of the Team of Christian Life Worship Center)

See some pics here!

Update Renovation April 2009

Thanks to a generous donation we were able to continue the renovations on our E.S.R.A. Training Center. Many volunteers, some of them families with children, who even camped overnight in our partially finished building, worked hard and what got done is phenomenal.

  • A brick building was torn down to create the required five parking spaces.
  • The parking lot was finished with gravel.
  • A shed was cleaned out.
  • A window was installed in the shed where there was only a large hole before.
  • A small retaining wall was built for the parking lot.
  • An underground 7,000 liter oil tank was filled with sand, as required by law.
  • A lot of cleanup was done.
  • Heating system on first 2 levels is complete.
  • Ground floor is complete except for the Kitchen, Restrooms and Hallway.

Our goal is to get the ground floor finished and ready to use for the 9th year of our E.S.R.A. Bible College. We need to install plumbing in two bathrooms, install fixtures and tile bathrooms, renovate hallways, put up drop ceiling in hallways, some electrical work, miscellaneous. Second floor has heat but needs plumbing, electrical, paint, dry wall and doors. Both floors need general cleaning.

  • We are open to anyone who would like to partner with us and practically help us with these renovations.
  • We are also grateful for donations to complete renovating a building in which we can eventually house 12 people.

Present and Future Events

  • Esra Bible College – May 9, 2009, with guest speaker Pastor Steve Stells, Chesterfield (Richmond) VA, USA. Topic – The Principles of Emotionally Healthy Leadership.
  • Esra Bible College – September 19,2009. The 2009-2010 Year begins. More information here soon.
  • June 24, 2009 – Team of 9 from Victory Christian Fellowship, Goochland VA arrives with Pastor Mike Hennigan and will minister and work until July 2.

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